For the first time in the world, an intrepid group of women explorers, have decided to bring the global spotlight on the plight of these gentle creatures and the people who protect them by embarking on an epic expedition across Africa.

In 2016, the ELEPHANT IGNITE EXPEDITION  will saw a group of passionate females, from all walks of life, travel a distance of over 10 000kms through 10 southern African coun­tries, visiting African organisations dedicated to the pres­ervation of elephants that need our ongoing support. During the trip we embraced: the unity of communities and nature working together, experience the power of individuals and animals, and the close bonds upheld in a family unit.

As one of the expedition members Isabel was given the opportunity to connect with current conservation, political and tribal leaders in various countries and foster knowledge-sharing between generations and nationalities.The expedition visited extraordinary people doing incredible research and anti-poaching work on the ground. By linking them together we have expanded their support base and on-going funding through increased awareness. Connected by a common goal to make a difference to Africa’s elephants, the group will embark on a journey with a purpose. 

For more information please visit www.elephantignite.co.za