Leadership is not only about corporate managers leading teams in offices in the middle of Sandton; leadership starts with every human being on planet earth and reflects in how we lead ourselves in our lives. It reflects in the impact we choose to make

The roles we carry merely determine the tasks and responsibilities associated with the role, however it does not define the core of who we are as human beings and leaders. Our core is shaped by our culture, our beliefs, our nurture; our behavioural patterns are shaped by these too, as are the assumptions and blind spots we have developed over our entire life of existence. Crucially, in times of rapid change and high levels of complexity, the type of leaders we are today determine the future for us all.

Historically, we have lived in harmony with nature, but through the medieval and renaissance ages a disconnect was forged which has set humanity on a trajectory of development as well as destruction. Every human being on earth wishes to live a good, purposeful and rich life, irrespective the different circumstances. I believe that this is possible through the emergence of the ecological self, which (re)establishes our connection with self, others and our environment and an awareness to consider this connection in all aspects of our lives. 

Nature provides unlimited examples of self-regulating, adaptive, resilient, interconnected and fully functioning systems. The Web of Life Leadership approach, rooted in Deep Ecology and the Systems view of life, approaches human-based systems, such as relationships at work in a similar light. 

We believe that an authentic, systemic leader is a person that is able to see and consider the entire web of his/her organisational context, rather than isolated, disconnected parts. We believe we change lives with our coaching work and hope to hear from you.  

We are a proud member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)