'Earth Awareness is a philosophy, it’s a way of life, it is my way of life. From a young age I have always known that I want to lead a life of purpose. A life fuelled by my passion and love for what I do! As a little girl I had no way of knowing how, but as life happens the path one is meant to follow unfolds. Earth Awareness focuses on environmental education, conservation and wildlife protection, community empowerment and skills development. I am also a traveling naturalist seeking and sharing earth’s wild places and beautiful inhabitants through wilderness adventures (horseback, foot or bicycle and sometimes a vehicle) to far away remote places. The most profound legacy of these journeys are the memories of the communities and people we have met and been touched by along the way. This world truly is magical, it deserves every effort made to care for it!'


Earth Awareness Consulting offers the following services ranging from:

  • Outreach Coordination
  • Environmental Education Facilitation
  • Program Conceptualizing, Planning and Implementation
  • Social Impact Film Audience Engagement / Production Support
  • Community Engagement, Communication and Development Mentorships
  • Community Project/Program Management
  • Environmental Training Workshops
  • Equine Facilitated Personal Development Facilitations
  • Nature-Based Learning Interventions
  • Wilderness Expeditions, Logistics and Support