Earth Awareness Consulting is a personal, owner-operated consulting organization working in partnership with a selection of conservation and humanitarian organizations across Southern Africa. 

Our organizations’ principles are built on sound ethics, believing that the work is valuable beyond financial values. 

Earth Awareness Consulting provides communication, networking, coordination and reporting services in advisory capacity to various stakeholders involved in the environmental education, conservation and nature protection sector. We manage and coordinate programs / projects on the ground and facilitate the exchange between stakeholders involved including accurate reporting and financials. 

Earth Awareness endeavours to focus on environmental education, conservation and wildlife protection, community empowerment and skills development mostly, though not exclusively. We are open to support any organization with a valuable cause. 

Our services include:

  • Leadership Development Coaching 
  • Outreach Coordination
  • Environmental Education Facilitation
  • Program Conceptualizing, Planning and Implementation
  • Social Impact Film Audience Engagement / Production Support
  • Community Engagement, Communication and Development Mentorships
  • Community Project/Program Management
  • Environmental Training Workshops
  • Equine Facilitated Personal Development Facilitations
  • Nature-Based Learning Interventions
  • Wilderness Expeditions, Logistics and Support