*Some reviews and feedback from talks and/or presentations we have given over the last few years.*

African Adventure Summit 2017:

"A strong, key conservation message that is applicable to the overall tourism industry in South Africa. Isabel speaks with passion and inspired the crowd." - Johan - Dirty Boots 

A talk review from conservation icon Dr. Ian Player 

"Lloyd and Isabel gave a talk to a big group of people at the monthly Phuzamoya Dream Center gathering on my farm in the Karkloof Valley.  Listening to the talk was a special experience as they shared their journey with their marvelous horses around South Africa and all the wonderful people that they met.  Throughout the talk it was as if one was travelling alongside them, experiencing their hardships and their emotionally moving interactions with their horses.  Horses have a lot to teach us and listening to Lloyd and Isabel one appreciates how close they have come to their animals.  There are many life lessons that are to be learned from this close association.  Lloyd and Isabel were unashamed to express their honest emotions openly.  This was very apparent to the entire audience and was much appreciated.  It is a rare quality in today’s world. I can only but encourage people to take the opportunity to listen to Lloyd and Isabel´s talk. There is much to be learnt from what they have to say."


Tuesday Rostrum Club:

Lions River Club: 

"Dear Isabel and Lloyd, I so enjoyed meeting you last night and hearing your story and I am really glad that I came. I am so proud of the work you are doing to alleviate the suffering of the horses in the Transkei, horses are amazing creatures and one can learn a lot from them. Like you I am sure that they have tempered me also, I have had a life of much time spent in the saddle working with my horses. Schooling them for Polo X as well as my children competing in 3 phase events etc where they had to do everything. I made many life long friends in the horsey world and was always glad that my children were out on horseback rather than in the Malls being mauled!!!!! 

Love and good wishes to you may God bless you and the work you do." 

Rotary Club Westville:

"Hi Isabel, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and your hubby for the effort you are putting into saving those wonderful creatures and I would really like to offer (when and where I can) my services to you. I am not sure how, but I will most certainly assist where I can, of course as a volunteer - you will both be blessed for your efforts and so will all those horses you are helping. Both of you must keep your heads up and keep that positive driving force you both have. Don´t let things get you down as you will be amazed at how people envy you guys being able to do what you do. I am sure that things may be trying at times but always remember we all live with the objective of being happy and it seems that what you do makes you happy. As you guys are doing this from your heart everything will become more and more clear as you move forward. Wherever you go, go will all your heart.

People may say that you guys have not found yourselves, but oneself is not found, it is created, and you guys have created something so important. I am sure that no one who shares your passion will forget you, and when things become a battle, think of this - The hardest battle you are ever going to fight is the battle to be just you. You and your husband are an inspiration to many without you even realizing it, well done, I will most certainly think of what I can do to raise funds - Looking forward to it. 

Big hug to you both. God bless."

Border Equestrian Club East London: 

"Hi Isabel.

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved listening to your talk. You guys are so inspiring. I had a laugh with my husband when I got home that evening, I told him about when Fever saw the beach for the first time and you asked us about knowing what it´s like when a horse is quivering with fear and you don´t know what it´s actually going to do? Well, yes, I know exactly what its like!! I was also telling him about your wonderful horses that have taught you guys life lessons. I have had a bit of a control issue with my horse, Zed. Now, since your talk I try to just work with him, and not always trying to control everything he does because of my own fear and insecurity. I was rewarded the other day when I went to his paddock to fetch him, and for the first time ever, I called him and he literally came running to me. Needless to say I felt like crying!! Anyway, thank you so much and please let me know about everything you guys are up to. I also feel very strongly about the situation with our Rhinos!! I will help in anyway I possibly can. 

Thank you again