Below is a selection of magazine and/or newspaper articles that have been written about our work. Please note that despite all efforts to proof-read and correct any media publication before printing, it is not always possible. Errors may occur and we apologize in advance if you have been affected by it.

October 2017: Mein Pferd 

August 2017: The Independent

NEWS UPDATES FOR 2016: Follow the link to the Elephant Ignite Expedition for media articles and press releases! The expedition was a major succes and featured in a large number of magazines, newspapers, radio and tv shows. 

October 2015:

Meander Chroncile KZN Midlands 

June 2015: 

April 2015:

February 2014:

Schwäbische Zeitung

October 2013:

Highway Mail, 31st October - Celebration & Auction article!

September 2013:

Highway Mail, 26th September - Completion article! 

The Zambezi Traveller, Issue 14

August 2013:

The Intrepid Explorer , Issue 3