As part of our non-profit and impact work, we partner with initiatives who focus on environmental education at grassroots level, leadership and life skills development as well as nature-based learning experiences. We create an invisibly woven web of connections between stakeholders, linking them together into impact-making, successful partnerships and collaborations. Through our conservation leadership coaching approach, we support the leaders and their organisations to make partnerships last. 

Our model is based on voluntary support and the more volunteers we get, the more impact can we make together. For more info on this click here


PROJECT PARTNER #1: The Joyful Centre

The Joyful Centre is a day care facility for mostly orphaned children and youth from the Mathathane Village, South East Botswana.

Our mission is to create a brighter future for those less fortunate, who have often through tragic circumstances lost one or both their parents. The orphan rate in the village is considerably high due to HIV/AIDS, a disease that has taken many lives in the past. Numbers are more stable now, yet the parents passed cannot be brought back to life, and the children live with some family, friends or selected guardians.

At the Joyful Centre our focus is play, laughter and fun facilitated in a safe space, providing support and a sense of belonging to the children. Our aim is to bring joy, as well as educate on important matters such as nature, environment, wildlife, hygiene, english, technology, future and career and other. At this point in time approximately 45 children / youth visit the centre on a regular basis. If you would like to make a donation or support the Joyful Centre in any way, please get in touch.

Find us on Facebook @thejoyfulcentre and become a part of our joyful family!


PROJECT PARTNER #2: Masego Community Conservation Trust

Human Wildlife Conflict has been prevalent in communities living adjacent or within rural communities for many years. In an increasingly urbanised and resource-constrained world, with human populations rising and space for wildlife decreasing, the need to learn how to manage the risks from wildlife in new ways, and to understand how to maximise the diverse benefits that living with wildlife can bring has never been more important. 

The lives of the members of the Masego community are severely compromised, their livelihoods are at risk due to large elephant populations in the area. The elephants of the region are free- roaming, and the seemingly best solution for their protection at this point in time, is a project focusing on ‘life with elephants’ rather than separation and exclusion.

The Masego project nurtures Elephant – Human coexistence through educating on possible crop- mitigation methods and elephant behaviour. The aim is to set up an early elephant detection system through patrolling communal areas and crop fields and to identify existing elephant routes for safe and conflict-free passage between feeding areas and their natural water sources.

For more information please contact us directly.


PROJECT PARTNER #3: Children in the Wilderness

Children in the Wilderness is a non- profit organisation, which aims to facilitate sustainable conservation through leadership development and education of children in Africa.

Insight, care and commitment are required to conserve Africa’s pristine wilderness and wildlife areas. If we are to ensure that these places continue to exist – in this generation and those to come – we need the rural children of Africa to understand the importance of conservation and its relevance in their lives.

CITW is an environmental and life skills educational programme for children, focusing on the next generation of decision-makers; inspiring them to care for their natural heritage and to become the custodians of these areas in the future.

This is achieved in a variety of ways – from hosting Eco-Club programmes at local schools, to running camps at partner lodges and tourism operators for the children within the rural communities that live on the edges of the wild areas of Africa.

For more information or our 2020 wish list please get in touch.


PROJECT PARTNER #4: Plant-For-The-Planet

Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement led by the youth with an ambitious goal: to fight the climate crisis by planting trees around the world.

This partner project is focused on educating the youth about trees, ecosystems and the climate. Each learning session includes the planting of indigenous trees, which is mostly facilitated at selected schools/ communities in Botswana and South Africa, but hopefully also in Eswathini and Mozambique in the near future.

In essence children from often disadvantaged communities plant, grow and nurture trees to trade ‘tree care points’ earned with partner organisations for livelihood supporting items or a higher education bursary fund.

Our vision is for learners to aid themselves out of disadvantage and poverty, giving them an opportunity to actively get involved in securing a brighter future for themselves. At the same time the trees are a valuable contribution in climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection.


PROJECT PARTNER #5: Sebaga Sa Lorato

The Sebaga Sa Lorato (Jewellery of Hearts) Project is aimed at creating revenue and a source of income for mostly the women in the communities living in the Semolale Village. The unemployment rate is high in this area of Botswana and work opportunities are limited.

Traditionally Botswana’s craft-making is focused on basket weaving, yet we believe that jewellery made from recycled materials carry a strong conservation (reduce, reuse, recycle) message within, as well as provide a revenue source for the crafters.

The jewellery beads are made from paper mâché using mostly waste materials such as old magazines, newspapers and cardboard packaging or boxes, collected in the community.

Jewellery is produced on a regular basis and we provide support in sourcing recycled magazines and newspaper, as well as assist in establishing a market to sell products to.

For a catalogue/list of the jewellery available for purchase, please send an email.