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The aim of this project is to help equines and humans in need. In many rural areas of South Africa equines (horses, donkeys and mules) are used for employment opportunities, as a mode of transport and for collecting firewood and water. Equine owners are impoverished and lack the necessary skills and resources to care for their equines.

The project is about animal welfare as well as social and economic upliftment:

  • Developing empathy which builds healthy relationships; creating awareness of self, others and the environment
  • Equine health - vaccinations, deworming, medications, disease control
  • Education and skills development
Proposed new project area for 2018:

At the end of October 2017 we relocated to the Southern Parts of Botswana. Our aim is to conduct outreach in the nearby communities, caring for donkeys, horses and hopefully including dogs as well. 

Project area from 2013 - 2017:

We have run the project from our old base in Boston, KZN Midlands. From there we have reached out to different horse communities where possible and just recently we have relocated to Botswana, where we plan to address the same issues. Unfortunately the project has had to cut down on outreach as the fund raising has become very difficult.

As part of fundraising we decided that we donate a portion of every person that rides with us at our business. We feel strongly about keeping our outreach going and not stopping it due to a lack of funds.   

Project area from 2009 -  2013:

We run the project from The Haven Hotel which is well placed in the heart of the Wild Coast within the Cwebe/Dwesa reserve surrounded by rural communities.

Transkei population: 2,4 Million 

Area: 45.000 square km´s

Capital: Mthata

Language: Xhosa

No of equines: unknown (estimates range from 10.000 to 50.000) 



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